Activz, Pure Antarctic Krill Oil, 60-Day Supply, 60 Capsules

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A pure, natural, krill oil taken from krill that's found in the pristine oceans around Antarctica, where there's very limited accumulation of contaminants. 

Bottle Size: 60 capsules.  

Take 1 per day.

Activz Krill Oil proprietary blend draws on the healing properties of key ingredients found directly in nature: omega-3's, astaxanthin, and phospholipids. 



Two omega-3′s are the key to krill oil’s health benefits - EPA and DHA. Both are two essential omega-3 fatty acids that are lacking in most people's diet.

Each capsule of Activz Krill Oil provides your body with 60 mg of EPA and 27 mg of DHA.

Astaxanthin is a antioxidant that defends cells against the effects of harmful oxidation and is one of the few antioxidants capable of bypassing the blood brain barrier - a shuttle that allows the exchange of nutrients from the blood to the brain. 

Phospholipids serve an extremely important function in your body, they form a fluid fence that surrounds your cells. This fence is an important barrier and defines the boundaries of living and nonliving portions of a cell.  They also are easily absorbed by your body.


Activz Kill Oil provides:

  • support for improved brain function*
  • better muscle health.*
  • better joint fitness*
  • support for good heart health*
  • better skin elasticity*
  • improved immune response.*

Activz Krill Oil is easily absorbed by your body. The capsules are small and easy to swallow, with no burp back or aftertaste. 



Krill-oil supplements reduced PMS symptoms and painful menstruation more than fish-oil pills.

According to a report in the May 2003 issue of Alternative Medicine Review. Krill-oil supplements were statistically more effective in managing self-reported emotional symptoms, breast tenderness, and joint pain than fish-oil pills. 


As with any supplement, please consult your health care practitioner before using.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 





Customer Reviews (5)

Krill oil

Posted by Rosa on 23rd Nov 2017
A staple in my home; keeps HDL high, as it should! Only two things work for me: this krill oil and wild caught salmon!

Krill Oil

Posted by Kathryn on 22nd Sep 2017
I trust this company to deliver the best Krill offered! While taking this Krill, there is NO fishy taste, and it is easy to digest!

Great product, great price

Posted by Mikkydee on 28th Mar 2015
Best price anywhere on this great product. You simply cannot beat the Activz brand for top quality products!

Great product

Loved it. Did just what it said. I had less menstral cramps or pms this month. No emotional breakdowns. Boyfriend like that. It helped. I highly recommend this product.

It is high quality product

Posted by JohnnyQ on 30th Nov 2013
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