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Try 4 Activz Silver products for a reasonable price, plus you'll receive a copy of the book: "Silver - Nature's Natural Healer" presented by The Silver Use Institute.    


This Silver Sampler Pack contains:  

1 - Activz Silver Solution - 16 ounce bottle 

1 - Box Activz Silver Lozenges - 1 Box - 21 Lozenges 

1 - Book:  "Silver - Nature's Natural Healer" Presented by The Silver Use Institute

82 Pages; A comprehensive and easy-to-use book on the topic of Silver.  Citing more than thirty university and clinical studies, it offers a complete A-Z listing of protocols ranging from Asthma to Water Purification. 


Select 2 Silver Gels from list.  Mark you selections in the selection box at the top of this page.

1 - Activz Silver Gel - 4 ounce tube 

1 - Activz Silver Dental Gel - 4 ounce tube 

1 - Activz Facial Cream Gel - 3.4 ounce tube

1 - Activz Hand Lotion Gel - 3.4 ounce tube 

 See individual products page for product information, suggested usage, and supplement facts.

 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews (7)

kills infection

Posted by Jacki Olson on 10th May 2017
This is a God Send...literally. Use silver and have done so for 15 years or so...kills infection better than anti-biotics. Kills viral flu, bladder infections, ear infections, sinus infections...anything infected. No side effects, does not mix with meds (if you take them). Literally, a God send. Have 6 kids and 12 grandkids. We all use it and hardly anyone needs to doctor.

must have on hand

Posted by AJ on 17th Dec 2016
I can't function without having silver on hand. The sampler is the best way to try these excellent products at a great value. I often share these items with family and friends.

could not live without silver

I use it everyday.

it really works

Posted by Ruth R. Guerra on 7th Jul 2016
I bought these products because I saw on tv that it was good for almost any health problem

Fantastic Product

Posted by Marilou S. on 6th May 2016
Silver Sol works extremely well for everything my family and friends have used it for....strep throat, a staff infection, ear infection, pneumonia, cuts, sore gums, a swollen lymph node, and more. My friend was hospitalized with pneumonia and sepsis. At the same time another friend was hospitalized with the same including sepsis. My friend took the silver liquid and 3/4 of a pack of silver lozenges each day with her antibiotics and was released from the hospital in a week. Her pulmonary doctor was shocked she was well so quickly. Our other friend was still in the hospital after a month.... All of us will not be without Honest Nutrition's silver.

Best buy

Posted by Susan on 28th Apr 2016
This sampler is an ideal way to try the Activz silver products. It is also a fabulous price. I liked that you have the opportunity to pick two of the products that make up the sampler.

It delivers.

Posted by Deloris on 14th Apr 2016
Honest Nutrition has the best prices. Not only that but Silver Sol by Activz lives up to its name. It delivers.
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