6 Silver Tooth Paste l Activz 22 PPM | 3.5 Ounce Tubes

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Silver toothpaste helps clean your teeth with a balanced blend of three natural ingredients.  Activz Silver Tooth Paste is the ultimate natural toothpaste alternative.  

Tube Size: 3.5 FL OZ

Suggested Use:  Apply gel to tooth brush and brush as normal.  For best results, use after each meal. 

The Activz patented nano-silver solution

  • Works faster, longer and more efficiently than colloidal and ionic silvers.

  • Is stable and resonant even at low potency (22 PPM).

  • Has positive effects without disrupting the body’s natural environment and flora.

Activz Peppermint essential oil

  • Verified therapeutic-grade.

  • Flavors the gel naturally.

  • Freshens breath.

USP-verified xylitol

  • Gives the gel a slightly sweet flavor.

  • Does not harm teeth the way other sweeteners do.

Xylitol is not good for dogs.

The risks of using fluoride, parabens and SLS:*

Fluoride. Fluoride can be helpful for teeth to an extent. After that point, fluoride can cause problems ranging from tummy discomfort to impaired bone development. Since fluoride is already in the water supply, many choose to avoid adding more on every day.

Parabens. Parabens are preservatives common in toothpaste and body care products. The chief concern with parabens is that they mimic the body’s natural hormones, sending mixed signals and increasing the risk for cancer, fertility problems and developmental problems in newborns.

Sodium lauryl sulfate. SLS is a detergent-like substance, so it’s excellent at breaking down cell walls. That breakage creates the lather we all love, but unfortunately the breakage also irritates gums, skin and scalp at any amount above 1%, especially when applied day after day.

*Sources: EWG's Skin Deep; Campaign for Safe Cosmetics



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