Food Products

Everyone needs food.

We sell quality prepared food that's great for use on camping trips, expeditions, humanitarian efforts, and for those who are preparation-oriented.  

Our food is for health conscious individuals who want to get great value for their money. 


Food is all about calories and nutrition. Ours has been formulated to surpass your daily requirements of essential vitamins. Our food is 100% vegetarian and it's additive-free with no harmful chemicals. Our meals will provide the calories and nutrition your body requires to perform at its peak performance level.

Processing Methods

We offer both freeze-dried and dehydrated food. Foods that are raw and do not typically require cooking - fruits and vegetables - retain their flavor and nutrition better when freeze-dried. Foods that require cooking retain their flavor and nutrition much better when dehydrated.


Just add water, cook for a few minutes, and a mouthwatering meal can be taken from pouch to table.