Hemp Health Revolution - By Sherrill Sellman, ND

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Hemp Health Revolution explores the latest research in the Hemp Extract world.


 Dr. Sellman gives us the A to Z list of the many chronic illnesses or health conditions that have been proven to benefit from Hemp Extract. The hemp plant, cannabis sativa, has powerful healing, non-psychoactive constituents, known as cannabinoids or Hemp Extract. Capable of restoring balance and harmony throughout the body without any known side-effects. This amazing plant is able to restore the body to inner balance, or homeostasis, through a newly discovered system in the body called the Endocannabinoid System. The purpose of this book is to explain the emerging science of Cannabinoids and, particularly, Hemp Extract and its many proven health and healing benefits.


This is an exciting and expanding area of research as more and more scientists from around the world discover the many chronic diseases and health conditions that can be safely and successfully resolved by using Hemp Extract, orally as well as topically. We are talking about the non-psychoactive components of the agricultural hemp plant, not medical marijuana.  These are two totally different forms of the cannabis plant with a different biochemical makeup.


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Posted by David Griffith on 22nd Jul 2018
Good overview of hemp extract and potential health benefits.
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