Lion Cub Go 150 Watt Solar Generator - 20 Watt Solar Panel

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The Lion Club Go is the smallest power bank made that has a standard AC outlet, a DC (cigaretter lighter) outlet, plus 3 USB outlets for recharging phones and laptops.

It can be recharge using a standard wall outlet or its solar panel.  The solar panel makes it ideal for camping.  It is suitable to use around the house to power small devices during an emergency power outage. 


The Cub Go Power Bank will fit in most purses, glove boxes, large pockets, backpacks, and computer bags.  

The Cub Go's battery is made from Lithium NMC and is safe and meets all the TSA guidelines so you can take it with you on an airplane.   

Lion Cub Go's solar panel converts sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity that passes through the Lion Club Go charge controller, this electricity is stored inside the Club Go's battery.  The Generator's inverter turns the electricity into alternating current (AC) power which you can use to power various devices. 

The Lithium Batteries typically deliver more charging cycles in their lifetime than lead-acid batteries.  This makes Lithium Batteries the best choice for portable power applications.  The other important benefit of this battery is its solar application.  Because of its high charge and discharge efficiencies, it will harvest more energy during solar applications.  The Battery Lifespan is very good.  This unit can be recharged approximately 1500+  times.  

blue-line.pngQuestion:  How to recharge the Cub Go?  

1. Plug it into the solar panel.  The solar panel makes “on-the-go-recharging” quite easy.  It takes approximately  3 - 5 hours to charge using the solar panel in optimal conditions. 
2. Plug the cable into a 110-Volt Wall Outlet.   It takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge.
If not used, the Cub Go will maintain its charge for one year. However, we recommend using the Cub Go more frequently.  The Cub Go can be rechared approximately 1,500+ 

blue-line.png What Can the Cub Go power?  





Warranty:  1 Year Lion Energy Warranty

The Bottom Line:  Sleeping under the stars with music playing is no longer a dream.  The Lion Club Go is an affordable 150 watt generator that was designed for camping, traveling and backup power around the house for small devices, iphone, laptop and such.  The 3 different types of outlet makes this unit perfect for charging or powering small devices. 

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