Lion Cub JC Power Bank Jump-Starter

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The Lion Club JC is the perfect accessory.  It is a complete Power Station that offers portable solutions for jump starting cars and trucks, inflating tires, charging your electronic devices, and its high-powered LED light will light up the dark.  


Jump Starter.   The Lion Club JC is a powerful battery pack designed to transferring power directly from the portable battery to a vehicle's dead battery.   You can jump start a vehicle without the help of another vehicle.  You no longer need jumper cables. 

The Cub JC will jump start cars, light truck, boats, ATVs, riding lawn mowers, and motorcycles.   

The Cub JC will jump start a vehicle approximately 15 to 18 times before you need to
recharge it.    



Air Compressor.  The Cub JC has an air compressor that can inflate tires to a max of 120 psi.  It has a digital gauge, you set the tire pressure you need, and the compressor turns off when set psi is reached.  You can pump up a basketball, bike tires, and all kinds of inflatable products.    

Flashlight.  The built-in flashlight is a must for low visibility situations and a built-in bright orange flashing hazard light can be particularly useful.

Power Bank . The Cub JC is also a Power Bank.  It has multiple power outputs for powering or recharge your devices.what-will-a-cub-jc-power.png blue-line.png 



The Lion Club JC comes in a durable carry case capable of withstanding rough handling. 

Case Size:   9" X 9" X 3".


 blue-line.pngQuestion:  How to recharge the Cub JC?  

   1. By plugging the wall charger into a standard 110-volt wall outlet. Full charge time is 4 hours. 

   2. By plugging the 12-Volt Cigaretter charger into your vehicle's 12-volt output (cigarette lighter).  Full charge time is 5 hours.

If not used, the Cub JC will maintain its charge for approximately 1 year.  However, we recommend using the Cub JC more frequently. 

The Cub JC can be recharged approximately 2,500 times. blue-line.png


Warranty:  1 Year Lion Energy Warranty

The Bottom Line: The Lion Club JC comes with everything you need to help you back on the road.  No matter if it’s a battery boost or getting air in your tires, this power station will make sure you are covered.  Everyone needs a Club JC in their vehicle.  Need to inflate a few low tires or pump up a basketball? No problem.  

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