Silver Solution 5 Package

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Four Silver products for a reasonable price, plus you'll receive a copy of the book: "Silver - Nature's Natural Healer" presented by The Silver Use Institute.    

nano-silver-solution-variety-pack-inside.pngThis Silver Sampler Pack contains:  

Optivida Silver Solution 10 PPM - 16 ounce bottle 

Box Activz Silver Lozenges 30 PPM - 21 Lozenge Box 

Book:  "Silver - Nature's Natural Healer" Presented by The Silver Use Institute.  A comprehensive and easy-to-use book on the topic of Silver.  Citing more than thirty university and clinical studies, it offers a complete A-Z listing of protocols ranging from Asthma to Water Purification. 


nano-silver-gel-variety-4-pack-inside.pngSelect 2 tubes from the list.  Mark you selections in the selection box at the top of this page.

Optivida Silver Gel - 4 ounce tube 

Activz Silver Tooth Paste - 4 ounce tube 

1 - Activz Facial Cream- 3.4 ounce tube

1 - Activz Hand Lotion - 3.4 ounce tube 


See individual products page for product information, suggested usage, and supplement facts.

 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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