6 Pack Silver Throat Lozenges | Optivida Nano Silver Sol 60 PPM | 21 Lozenges per Box

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Optivida Nano Silver Sol Lozenges are made with organic raw honey, natural lemon, and organic peppermint oil and infused with SilverSol Technology. 

Silver Lozenges quickly soothe your sore throat plus they support your immune system.  


The honey lighty sweetens the lozenge while the peppermint and lemon oil cools and relieves your throat.

The infused Nano Silver kills pathogens in your mouth, throat, and digestive tract. 

The Lozenges also help you have a healthier immune system. 

No preservatives 

No artificial sweeteners 

No artificial coloring 

Made In America 

Expiration Date:  March 2024 

Warning:  Not for children under the age of 5.  

Suggested Use: Take at first sign of sore throat, also use as a natural disinfectant; great on-the-go mouthwash.  


Optivida Silver Lozenges - 6 Boxes  

Box Size: 21 Lozenges 

Lozenges are individually wrapped. 

Gluten Free - Soy Free 


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Consult your physician before using any supplement. 







Customer Reviews (6)

SIlver Logenges

Posted by Ann on 11th Aug 2022
This is the first thing we grab if our throats are raspy, sore, or we have a cough. It is so effective that when I offer one to a friend of family member, they see the effectiveness immediately. I do give this as a gift to my favorite people! We would not be without these most effective lozenges.


Posted by Anita on 20th May 2022
Products works very well for coughing and minimizing sore throat.. very good product. Great taste!

Silver Lozenges

Posted by Beth on 4th Apr 2022
The only lozenge that comforts my sore throats. Can't go without.

silver products

Posted by karen on 29th Feb 2020
Best prices and quick shipping, I will not order from anyone else Thank You! 5***** Sincerely,karen

Great Product that works!

Posted by Randy on 7th Dec 2019
I am a product of esophageal cancer operation and thus now experience great acid reflux at times. This is the only lozenge I've found that helps smooth things out and help with the pain. Expensive, but effective for me because of its soothing and healing ability. Randy

Silver lozenges

Posted by Heather on 7th Jan 2019
I was a fan of the old silver lozenges but now with the higher concentration of silver these lozenges are a MUST HAVE for every family! Any tickle, achy throat, or cough gets silver lozenges in our house and the problem is solved QUICKLY. I will never allow my home to be without them.
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