About Silver Technology

Optivida Silver is Nano Silver, a form of silver that is incredibly safe and effective. 
There are more than US 50 patents behind this unique and powerful product.

Optivida Silver products are the new generation of silver products.   Optivida SilverSol® was created to improve on current formulas to make silver products safer and more effective.

Optivida's Nano-SilverSol has been engineered with new manufacturing technology patented under multiple patents.  SilverSol® Technology is more advanced than the original colloidal silvers.

SilverSol has been put through rigorous studies and tests for efficacy and safety.

SilverSol® has been proven to be completely safe in human ingestion studies and didn’t produce any side effects or negative reactions.

How does Optivida Nano Silver Sol work? 

A virus DNA, unlike a healthy cell, has a slight magnetic charge.  The Nano-SilverSol particle is magnetically attracted to the virus, the silver particle overpowers the virus DNA and kills it. Optivida Nano-SilverSol is destructive toward bacteria and viruses through its magnetic resonance.  This means that the silver particles can disable pathogens without touching each one. The silver can guard its immediate area without becoming neutralized.  The resonant frequency protections happens immediately, before the silver particle directly contacts a pathogen cell. 

The unique silver coating gives each silver particle the potential for thousands of kill actions against pathogens.  This capability makes Optivida Nano-SilverSol deadly to thousands of more microorganisms compared to ionic and colloidal silver.

Optivida Nano SilverSol doesn't build up in the body and exits after 24 hours.