About Us





We're a Salt Lake City based nutritional company.  We've been selling premium nutritional products for 14 years.  We only sell products that meet our high quality standards, products that are effective and backed by extensive research.  

Our suppliers use only the highest-grade ingredients even though this is a more costly way of formulating the products.  Our formulas contain nothing synthetic and all ingredients are certified to be free of herbicides and potentially harmful chemicals.   

Our whole food nutritional products are rich in pure vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients that are essential for good health. 

Our Nano-SilverSol has been engineered with new manufacturing technology patented under multiple patents.  

Our mission is to help you have Good Health.  Your mission is to take active steps to maintain your health and wellness; it is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Good Health means reduced health care costs, reduced illness, and reduced doctor visits.

Good Health is about your body working well and maintaining a positive attitude.

Good Health reduces tension and stress, improves well-being, enhances self-image and self-esteem and improves physical function.

Good Health gives you good sleep patterns so you feel well rested throughout your day.

Good Health increases your stamina, strength, and flexibility.

Good Health slows the aging process.

There simply aren’t any other supplements as naturally pure as the ones we sell. 

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