About Hemp Extract

Hemp Extract 

 If you have constant pain, anxiety, or other chronic conditions your quality of life is being impacted.  When you suffer your body's communication systems, the ECS, is stressed and this stress diminish your overall health.  

Optivida Hemp Extract supports your ECS system. 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is one of the most fundamental physiological systems in our bodies, it’s responsible for maintaining homeostasis (balance) in the body. When this system isn’t functioning properly, we start experiencing pain, sleep difficulties, fatigue, and a whole host of other symptoms. When the ECS is supported and working properly each of the systems in the body work better. 

While Optivida Hemp Extract does not heal or cure anything, its ability to help the body return to homeostasis can improve many if not most types of health conditions. 

Optivida Hemp Extract is worth using to improve your health and well-being. It allows you to feel and perform at your best. 

The Optivida Hemp Extract Difference

Optivida Hemp Extract is made in the USA from organic, non-GMO hemp plants. 

Clinical studies show most hemp products absorb only 3% to 6% into the blood stream. 

Optivida Hemp Extract gets an astounding 80% absorption rate. 

The key to Optivida Hemp Extract’s effectiveness lies in its patented HempSorb liposomal delivery system.  

Liposomal Delivery Technology  

lipid-photo.pngLiposomes are time hollow spheres that have the ability to carry both water-soluble and fat-soluble compounds efficiently through the body and into cell membranes.  Nature’s fat molecules uniquely pass through the stomach intact enabling absorption in the intestines.Clinical trials show that Optivida’s Optisorb™ technology allows hemp to be absorbed in very high levels in the blood

The LIPIDS used in Optivida’s process are derived from NON-GMO SUNFLOWERS. Fatty acid chains derived from sunflowers are healthy to the body. A small amount of these fatty acids are used as Optivida Hemp Extracts delivery system. As the hemp is absorbed into the system, these lipids become nutrition for your liver, brain, and cells as they are also absorbed into the body.

Natural. Healthy. Smart!

The Quality Control Process

Every step In the manufacturing process Is documented carefully and tested thoroughly.

Before starting production the hemp and other ingredients are tested for purity. Then they are weighed and mixed precisely using purified water. Hemp is compounded with lipids in our proprietary process which creates the Optisorb™ delivery system. Before the packaging is completed the product is tested again.

Optivida takes quality and manufacturing to another level. By following their documented process in their pharma certified lab for natural products, they exceed the top production standards in the industry.We have a book available, The A to Z Health Benefits of Hemp Extract. This book by Dr. Sherrill Sellman provides a wealth of information about how key cannabinoids in hemp extract have been found to effectively treat symptoms of an ever-increasing number of conditions by creating Homeostasis in the human body