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 Activz Organic Vegetable and Grass Powders


Organic – Raw – Natural

Activz works with only the best organic growers to ensure only the highest grade organic produce is used.  The fruits and vegetables are picked when their nutrient value is at its peak, then within hours after harvest the produce is turned into a power using PowderPure’s Infidri Technology.






Activz - Pioneering Fruit and Vegetable Infidri Dehydration Technology

Infidri is PowderPure's patented drying process. It uses light waves that are tuned to fit into the shape of the water molecule. The light energizes the water and drives it out of the product while leaving the more complex flavor, color and nutrition molecules intact.
Infidri is unlike spray dry, drum dry or freeze dry processes which use heat or vacuum to boil off the water. These process do not target water and can also damage fragile nutrients and color compounds while driving off volatile flavor components.  As an added benefit, Infidri is more energy efficient than the other three commercial drying processes. 

Activz – Grass Juice Dehydration Technology

Traditional spray-drying depends on intensive heat to dehydrate freshly juiced grasses. By contrast, our raw grass juice powders are made with a proprietary ambient spray-drying technology that never heats the raw materials above 106 F (41.1 C) – a figure well below 118 F, which is often touted as the raw standard. These low temperatures ensure complete nutrient retention, including enzyme bio activity.
0-new-site-about-powders-usda-oregon.pngThe processing facilities are located in The Dalles, Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah. The facilities are compliant with USDA, FDA, cGMP and HACCP regulations and are certified organic, halal and kosher.