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Silver Lozenges are a natural disinfectant.  Silver Lozenges provide fast relief to an irritated mouth or throat. The Nano-Silver provides support to your immune system.  

Optivida Nano-Silver Lozenges have a great taste and provide immediate relief to people suffering from a sore throat, canker sore pain, or people suffering from coughs and cold symptoms. Silver Lozenges are perfect for people who are engaged in vocally strenuous activities. The infused Nano-Silver supports your body's immune system.  

These natural lozenges combine organic raw honey, natural lemon oil, organic peppermint oil, and Nano-Silver molecules to deliver immediate relief.       

Women with sore throat

The honey lightly sweetens the lozenge, the peppermint oil and lemon oil cool and provide fast relief to dry, scratchy, sore throats.  

The infused Nano Silver, 60 PPM, kills pathogens in your mouth, your throat, and your digestive tract. 

Nano Silver Lozenges also help you have a healthier immune system. 

Suggested Use: Take at first sign of sore throat, also use as a natural disinfectant, great on-the-go mouthwash.

Optivida Silver Lozenges are non-toxic, so you can use as many in a day as you feel necessary.

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Warning:  Not for children under the age of 3.  

3 Pack Silver Lozenges

 Optivida Nano-Silver Lozenges

3 Pack

Box Size: 21 Lozenges

Lozenges are individually wrapped.






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Customer Reviews (6)


Posted by Casandra on 6th Oct 2022
Excellent. Could not make it through the winter without them.


Posted by Ingrid Stopp on 11th Jan 2021
A bit too sweet (is there sugar in it??) but it really, really helps when you have sinus problems and need a throat refresh. We just ordered three more. Thank you. The Silver Lozenges are sweetened with Organic Honey.

Silver Lozengers

Posted by Mary on 10th May 2020
Love the taste. I haven't been sick since I started using them.

Throat Lozengers

Posted by Rev. Marilyn Smith on 20th Jun 2019
I would not want to be without these throat lozengers as they really are soothing and healing to my dry sore throat during alergy season.

Optivida throat lozenges

Posted by Terri Hereford on 6th Apr 2019
These may cost a little more than you would like to pay for throat lozenges, but they are worth every cent. I wouldnt be caught without them. Honest nutrition has the best price. Great product!

purchase of lozenges

Posted by stephen pawlowski on 25th Mar 2019
complete order was filled quickly. and the silver sol lozenges helped with chronic sinus irritation
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