Silver Solution Sampler 4G

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This Silver Solution Package gives you a chance to try 3 Silver products for a reasonable price.  You select the silver gel you'd like.

optivida-patented-silver-sampler-4g-inside.pngThis package consists of:  

Optivida Silver Solution 10 PPM - 16 ounce bottle 

Optivida Silver Lozenges - 60 PPM - 21 Lozenge Box   






Select 1 Silver Gel from list.  Mark you selection in the selection box at the top of this page.

1 - Optivida Silver Gel - 4 ounce tube 

1 - Activz Silver Tooth Paste - 4 ounce tube 

1 - Activz Facial Cream Gel - 3.4 ounce tube

1 - Activz Hand Lotion Gel - 3.4 ounce tube 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

 See individual silver product pages for product information, suggested usage, and supplement facts. 


Customer Reviews (1)

I love Silver Sol products!!

Posted by Lois McDonald on 12th Mar 2019
I love Silver Sol products! They work very well for me! The liquid has served me well as an anti-viral. I use the lozenges all the time. For example, I use them whenever I am going to be around multiple people, especially in a confined area, or around even one person if I do not know them. And, I take one as soon as I have the slightest sore throat. I use the regular gel for all kinds of skin issues. The Silver Solution Sampler 4G is a great way to sample these products or to order just a few of each any time.
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