Silver Topical Gel | Optivida Nano Silver Sol 24 PPM | 4 oz Tube

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Optivida Nano-Silver Sol Topical Gel is an essential element in helping to rejuvenate and promote natural healing all over your body.

This skincare product can help heal minor irriatation, such as wounds, burns, rashes, minor scars, sunburn, bug bites, and blemishes.

Optivida Nano-Silver Topical Gel is designed to give you the safe, effective silver you need for healthier skin.

This product works well with most bandages.  

It helps protect and beautify your skin.

Our Topical Gel is fast acting.  Its unique coating makes the silver attract to surronding water molecules, making the gel more stable and bioavailable to your body. This allow the gel to work fast.  

Made In America.   This skin care product feature a 24 PPM silver concentration, contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or additives.

Silver Topical Gel Expiration Date: August 2025  


All natural


Dye free

No staining



Not greasy

Absorb in a few minutes.

Needs no refrigeration. 

Optivida Silver Gel is ideal for both children and adults. 

Suggested Use:  Apply generously to skin as needed.  For external, cosmetic use only.  

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
Statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Consult your Physician before using any supplement.



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Customer Reviews (8)

silver gel

Posted by linda anderson on 14th Sep 2018
keep ordering this product....why ? cause it works......use it for multiple purposes...on rashes...irritations...also use it with the silver face cream and it gives me alittle tightening's just good stuff

Review Silver Gel

Posted by Mike on 2nd Aug 2018
Love this product. I use it for basic cuts and wound care. Honest Nutrition provides quick service. Very happy and will definitely reorder as well as recommend to others.

Love this!

Posted by Kate on 2nd Feb 2018
I use it for MRSA folliculitis.. works fairly well. For stubborn infections I mix it with lavender or/and tea tree oils.. and then coven with a warm dressing. The oils and the warmth enable the silver to penetrate more deep into tissues. (otherwise silver gel does not absorb deep enough sometimes)

Silver Gel

Posted by Kim on 30th Sep 2017
Love Love Love this product its like a miracle i use it on all cuts and scrapes even a syst that was on my eye lid it cures it all in just a day or two its the most amazing stuff i have every used. I also use it on my dogs for cuts or rashes even after surgery stitches, whatever it does it all. Just can't say enough good about this stuff.

Silver Gel

Posted by Adele on 5th Aug 2017
I use this gel all the time on any cuts, abrasions, and acne. I have given it to my granddaughters for their acne and it is usually gone it two days.

Great product

Posted by C. Thompson on 29th Jun 2016
I have been using this product for a couple of months. I had some kind of bug bite on my arm. It was itchy and red. I used the silver sol a couple of times a day and it healed it in a couple of days and stopped the itch too.

love the silver gel!

Posted by jenny on 23rd Jan 2016
We love the silver gel! We use it daily. It has replaced several products we used in the past. We use it on every scrape and cut, rashes, as a diaper cream, tooth and gum irritations.......I could go on and on!


Posted by Linda Morgan on 1st Jan 2014
I absolutely LOVE this gel. I use it on my face, brush my teeth with it, and also use it for antibiotic purposes. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone...
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