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Optivida SugR-2-FibR is a revolutionary natural enzyme that converts 50% - 90% of a meal's glucose to fiber. 

By converting the glucose to fiber, you reduce the sugar calories by 50% - 90% and you increase the amount of nutrients that your body absorbs from food.

Glucose is a type of sugar you get from the foods you eat.  Your body uses it for energy.  The problem is we consume more sugar than we really need. 

The average American eats about 30 teaspoons of sugar in a normal day.  That is 5 times more sugar than is recommended for an average adult. 

This over eating of sugar causes a lot of bad things; over weight, fatigue, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and faster aging.

Controlling glucose is connected to good health. 

SugR-2-FibR is a glucose control supplement  

SugR-2-FibR is a breakthrough in science.

Optivida research along with some of the world's leading experts on enzymes and probiotics developed SugR-2-FibR.  After years of testing and perfecting the formula, this patent pending product is now available to you.  A Harvard University Study verified that SugR-2-FibR reduces glucose without surgeries, side effects, drugs or injections.

Best By Date:  May 2026

How does it work?

SugR-2-FibR enzymes break down food so it can be digested.

An example of what enzymes do:  Think of a bitter, unripe apple. The bitter taste happens because the unripe apple is mostly starch. When enzymes start to work the apple becomes riper. The sweet taste happens because during the ripening process, the bitter starch is broken down into sugars.  That breakdown is one of the common functions of enzymes.

SugR-2-FibR enzymes break down all the food you eat, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, so they can be digested easier. That helps you get more nutrients from the food that you eat.

Then comes the truly revolutionary part.

SugR-2-FibR enzymes begin a process, that is both rare and powerful. It begins reconnecting individual glucose molecules, creating a chain that becomes fiber. Since the fiber cannot be absorbed by the intestines the glucose can no longer be used for calories. Studies show that this chaining process can convert 50-90% of the glucose into fiber. This glucose chain acts as a fiber, helping you to feel fuller, helping to digest other foods, and strengthens your digestive tract and immune system.

Who can benefit from taking SugR-2-FibR

Anyone who eats food.

We all need better digestion, we all need more fiber and we all need more nutrients from our food.  Nearly 80% of us have challenges that put us in need of glucose control. 

Most of our food has been processed or pasteurized and stripped of the enzymes that our body needs to digest food.    


SugR-2-FibR is safe and pure.

 It is made in the USA from natural plant-based ingredients.  It is tested and certified by NSF and ANAB, two of the most respected food safety certification organizations.  It is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.  You take a capsule before a meal.   

Here are some results from a user of SugR-2-FibR.

He is insulin resistant and has a continuous glucose monitor so he can see the results of SugR-2-FibR almost immediately. 

In test 1, he had two identical meals on two separate days: one without SugR-2-FibR and one with it. Without the enzyme, the glucose spike was much higher and lasted for 3.5 hours. 

However, using SugR-2-FibR the small spike was minimal and lasted for only 1.3 hours. 


 Test 2.  He used 12 peanut candies five times over 12 hours. You can see that the 2nd serving, 3 hours after taking SugR-2-FibR showed no spike in the glucose levels. It is easy to see that the enzyme continued to work as it wore off after 10 hours.sugrtest-2-2.jpg

Test 3.  He sacrificed his body for science again having two identical fast-food meals in two days. The first meal did not include SugR-2-FibR and it shows with the high spike at 190 and the 3.5-hour duration.

For the follow-up meal he preceded the meal with SugR-2-FibR by about 90 minutes. The glucose level barely spiked and returned to normal after only two hours.


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As with any supplement, please consult your health care practitioner before using. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 



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Sugr 2 Fibr

Posted by Darlene Sano on 20th Aug 2023
I believe it is working. After about 3 months, my A1C just tested at 6.3. Dropped from 6.5 6 months ago. Just reordered.
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