About Vitamins

Activz whole-food vitamins, whole-food shakes, and organic vitamins cost more than synthetic supplements.
Is spending the additional money worth it? 

There are about 110 brands of vitamin supplements in the United States and less than 5 brands are raw whole-food vitamins.  Why?  Because whole-food vitamins are expensive to make and there isn't the profit in whole-food vitamins that there's in synthetic vitamins. 


Synthetic supplements are ingredients made in factories. These synthetics are produced at high temperatures using petroleum-derived chemical solvents such as coal tar, food allergens, additives, sugar and acetone not to mention artificial food flavorings.

The four major problems with synthetic vitamin:

1. Synthetic vitamins do not work together - they stand alone.

2. Synthetic vitamins are not utilized, not absorbed very well by your body. 

3. Synthetic vitamin manufactures put a massive amount of cheap nutrients and not enough of the more costly ones. 
4. Side effects from synthetic isolates and additives and just the unnatural state of synthetic vitamins make them harmful to you. 

On the other hand, Activz whole-food supplements are food, they come from nature. Your body recognizes them as food and as you know, your body likes food. 

1. Activz whole-food vitamins work together like a baseball team, they interact with each other along with minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.  

2. Activz whole-food vitamins are recognized by your body as food and your body absorbs them - all of them.

3. Activz whole-food vitamins are balanced by nature - they're perfect.

4. Activz whole-food vitamins are clean - they're made by nature.   

Sometimes synthetic vitamins act as a stimulant, giving you a 'rush'.   Activz whole-food supplements will not do this; they're just like eating food.

A synthetic supplement label may say 'natural', 'pure', 'organic' or 'natural sources'.

Natural:  If 10% of the product is natural substances the manufacturer is allowed to use the word 'natural' on the label.
Pure: This word is legal because the supplement is the pure fundamental nature of the chemical molecule used in the process.
Organic: Organic means something organically grown. Actually anything containing a carbon atom can be organic. Read the label and make sure that the product is plant based and has been certified 'organic' by a federal or state agency.
Natural sources: This term only means that the product came from natural sources which really may be anything; corn sugar, etc.

The Food and Drug Administration doesn't require expiration dates on synthetic supplements, but whole- food supplement such as  Activz have a dated shelf-life because they need to be fresh because they're food.

Your body is pretty cool, but it can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear.


It can't make nutrients out of synthetic chemicals.

Try this: Put your current supplement tablet in a glass of water and watch what happens. If the tablet or capsule does not break down within 15 minutes, it is synthetic. It will sit at the bottom of the glass only releasing the coloring and the shellac.

But there is some good news. That synthetic product at the bottom of the glass will pass through your body unused and even though this is a waste of your money the synthetic will not harm you. It ends up in your local sewer system.

Activz nutritional products are natural, nothing synthetic, nothing isolated, no unnatural additives. No chemicals are used in the processing.

You make the decision on what is best for your body - it's the only body you have.