Callie Protein Bars | 12 Bars

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Callie Protein Bars - A well-rounded Protein Bar containing high quality ingredients plus an enjoyable flavor. 

12 Bars per Box - Best By July 1, 2023

callie-bar-clean-cropped.pngThe Callie Protein Bar is high quality, patented protein with clean supporting ingredients; whole-food almonds, honey, chocolate, cocoa butter, oats and coconut. 

You won't experience a sugar crash or a reaction to synthetic, processed ingredients.

If you’re looking for a fast way to give your body an infustion of muscle-bulding protien or a healthy delicious midday snack, this high quality protein bar is a practical option.

Callie Protein Bars are powered by plant-based protein, ensuring that you won't have allergic reactions to whey or other additives. Unlike other sources of protein, rice and pea protein give your body 100% of the amino acids needed to create strength-building protein.

 Why you might need a protein bar. 

Research shows that most busy women aren’t getting as much protein as they should be.  Our compact protein bar is perfect, it takes little space in a purse and there is no need for refrigeration.

Our protein bar adds Nourishment before and after your workout.  The protein in our bar provides energy to get you through your workout or training.

It also provides post-workout nutrition your body requires to build new muscle tissue, fixing whatever minute muscle tears occurred in the course of your exercise.


Callie Protein bars will help curb your appetite by making you feel full, it is a great way to help you loose weight.   Our high protein nutrition bar will help you keep from eating unhealthy snacks. 

Our patented protein booster, Velositol, doubles the effectiveness each gram of protein.  Each Callie Bar will fill you with 22 effective grams of protein. 

The Remarkable Effect of Velosital on Your Body - Increases the creation of muscle tissue callie-bar-velosital-cropped.jpg




 "I have used dozens of potein bars and most of them had unhealthy ingredients.  The rest tasted gritty or bland.  I worked with Optivida nutritionists to create a winning recipe that satisfies taste and refuels my body.  The biggest game changer was from the Velsoitol technology.  It boubles the muscels-building ability of every gram o protein in the bar.  No one else is doing that.  These are the best protein bars I have every had.  I love them."  Callie Jo Smith - World Class Pickleball Champ.


Calories:  210 per bar.



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