Lion Cub Go 150 Watt Portable Solar Generator with Solar Panel

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The Lion Cub Go is a lightweight power station designed to keep you powered anytime and anywhere.   

The Lion Energy 8 Volt - 20-Watt Solar Panel is included.  

In the past, it was impossible to take anything on a camping trip that required electricity unless you hauled a smelly gas generator or used the truck battery.  Those days are over.  If you are living off the grid for a few days this unit will power cellphones, lights, laptops, MP3 players, headlamps, and cameras.  Sleeping under the stars with music playing is no longer a dream.     

The Lion Cub Go is suitable to use during an emergency power outage around the house.



A few examples of what you can run using the outlets: 

5-watt iPhone Charger for up to 18 hours 

10.5-watt DSLR type Camera for 9 hours 

55" 75-watt Television for an hour 

40-watt Laptop Charger for an 2 hours 

Lights for 40 to 60 hours (Depending on how many and wattage) 

You can use all the outputs at the same time.  The built-in flashlight will run for 120 hours. 

The Lion Energy Club Go is rechargeable by plugging into standard wall outlet or by using the solar panel which makes “on-the-go-recharging” quite easy.   It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the unit using the wall plug and 5 to 6 hours to charge using the solar panel in optimal conditions. 

This unit has a Lithium battery which typically deliver more charging cycles in their lifetime than lead-acid batteries.  This makes them the best choice for portable solar power applications.  Another important benefit of this battery for solar applications is its high charge and discharge efficiencies which helps it harvest more energy during solar applications.  

The Lion Cub GO emits no emissions, it has no carbon footprint, emits no greenhouse gases, causes no damage to your environment, it produces no noise.  

The Lion Cub GO portable generator power unit.  More power, less weight, renewable and at a great price!  


The lifespan of the Cub Go Portable Generator is determined by the life cycle rating of the battery that powers it.  Every time a battery is completely drained and fully recharged, one life cycle is added.  Lion Energy uses Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries which are the longest lasting Lithium batteries on the market. This means this generator is rated for 2500+ life cycles. That is 4 to 6 more than the average generator on the market. In an extremely high-use scenario, completely discharging and then fully recharging the generator once a day, it would last for 7 years. 

Lion Energy provides a full year warranty.  If you are unhappy for any reason, just give us a call at 801-651-5236 

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