Lion Prowler Power Bank

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Easy to use, easy to carry.  

Lion Prowler Portable Power Bank
Designed to use on camping trips, backpacking hikes, and while traveling.
The Prowler is a multipurpose Power Bank. 

1.  A wireless charger for smart phones and other smart devices.

2.  A power supply for powering USB devices such as laptops, computers, and other USB devices. 

3.  A flashlight and a small lamp.

The Prowler is small, lightweight, it will fit in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase.

Flight Friendly, TSA approved for travel on a plane.

The Prowler was built to withstand the elements of the outdoors.  It features a rugged design and it is water resistant.


The Build-in Flashlight has two sitting:  Solid Mode and SOS (Flashing Light) Mode.

The Lamp Light can be used when a dim light is required. 

Lion Power Banks are good for the environment, they produces zero emissions. 



Charging the Prowler

Plug it into a wall outlet.  The connecting cable and adaptor comes with the unit.  A completely dead unit will take about 7 hours to fully recharge.

If not used, the Prowler will maintain its charge for approximately 6 month, however, we recommend using the Prowler more often. 

The Prowler has a power level indicator which show you how much battery is left.  There are 4 LED indicator lights.  You press the power button for one second, the indicator lights will display on the left of the power button. 1 light indicates 25% battery, 2 lights 50% battery, 3 lights 75% battery and 4 lights 100% battery. 


Add the Lion 50W Foldable Solar Panel for outside charging.  

lion-50w.jpgThe folded size is 11.25 inches x 11.25 inches x 4 inch thick make the panels easy to use on camping trips, back-packing journeys, or just anywhere you want power.



Value Pack

Purchase Lion Prowler Power Bank Charger & 50 Watt Solar Panel together and Save.




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